Decent TV Video Decent TV Video Family Restaurant From the left: Cameraman Christian Peschken, Tom North, Jon Helminiak during the filming of an interview at 7 AM at a Family Restaurant in St. Ignace. 86338136 At the lake Jon Helminiak discusses the next questions with Tom North while Cameraman Christian Peschken looks for the best camera angle. 86338137 Mackinac Island Taking a break from the shooting. From left: Producer, Cameraman Christian Peschken, Patricia Peschken his wife, Jon Helminiak, Tom North. 86338138 Arriving in St. Ignace As part of the Decent TV video Jon Helminiak flew in from Milwukee with his own airplane and is greeted by Tom North. 86338559 Jon Helminiak Jon Helminiak, Adventurer, Author, Speaker, TV Host met with Tom North to learn more about the mission of Decent TV. 86338560