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Protecting America's Families

What We Do To Protect America's Children, Families and Citizens From Indecency

First, it is important to state what Decent TV does NOT do, to avoid misunderstanding!

Decent TV is not currently involved with any issues pertaining to cable or satellite TV, only as to broadcast television. Federal law reflects the fact that cable and satellite TV are only available in the homes of adults who subscribe to them over private delivery systems owned by the providers, which vastly differentiates them from the "public place" that is the broadcast airwaves, which is essentially everywhere. Our work incidentally is towards also protecting children and unconsenting adults from unwanted broadcast (but not satellite) radio, since they would also be severely impacted and harmed if the courts were to strike down the Radio Communications Act and other legal restrictions on broadcast indecency.

Decent TV does not take a legal position on any individual television program, or content within a particular program. We do not try to determine whether, for example, a given program is "indecent" under the law, or not, or advocate such a position in court. We believe that is the job of the FCC and other organizations.

Now, here is what we do! Mostly through filing "amicus briefs", but also through providing public comments and consulting to the FCC and other organizations, Decent TV legally advocates for the current laws that restrict indecent broadcasting on TV and radio in the U.S. to nightime hours, to at least continue in place. "Amicus briefs" are commonly already referred to as "friend of the court" briefs (not to be confused with Friend of the Court offices that some state courts have for domestic relations issues). Federal courts can allow briefs to be filed by entities (organizations or individuals) that are not parties to the case, in order to advocate on an issue of public interest before the court in a case.

With the broadcasters' recent  legal assaults on the very existence of any laws to regulate indecency, Decent TV filed amicus briefs in such court cases to support continuation of the laws enacted by the American citizens for their own protection from the broadcasters. There is no other organization in the United States dedicated to this purpose exclusively, and Decent TV since 2007 has taken on a leadership role on these specific decency issues.  We have assisted other organizations with drafting their amicus briefs also, and assisted the FCC in preparing its oral arguments for court cases.